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Wouldn't it be nice if there was always someone on stand-by, ready to shop, exchange, pickup and deliver things just for you? Well, that’s what we exactly do!

Your time is precious and you definitely don't want to waste it travelling and getting stuck in traffic all the day just to get what you want. Say hello to PickupBasket - a new and innovative service to help you shop, exchange, pickup and deliveranything to anywhere in Noida. You just name the task and we’ll complete it the same day.

Whether you're a housewife or mother who wants to buy medicines, exchange products, pickup dry clean clothing or get everyday household essentials delivered right to your doorstep, or a shopkeeper who wants to deliver anything to anywhere local or distribute parcels to multiple locations, leave it to us and we'll do it for you in the shortest time possible.

Pickup and Delivery Service

Why choose us

With a motto to make people's everyday lives easier, convenient and hassle-free, we take tremendous pride in delivering things locally the same day. Discover why people across the city trust us to get anything purchased, exchanged and delivered.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Get a free estimate up front

    Calculate how much you have to pay before you place an order.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Affordable Service

    As we deal in a number of orders, our service would always be easy on your pocket.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Pay on delivery

    We'll shop on your behalf. Pay at the time of delivery.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Order from anywhere anytime

    Order anything through Website or App from anywhere, anytime.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Transparent Pricing

    No hidden charges. You pay exactly what you see.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Open every day

    We're open every day (even on Sunday) from 9AM to 7PM.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Quick, reliable Professional

    A team of reliable professionals to deliver your orders always on time.

  • PickupBasket Features

    100% customer satisfaction

    Have issues with your order? You'll be entitled to enjoy our service for free.

  • PickupBasket Features

    Earn regular rewards

    Refer PickupBasket to your loved ones and earn as much as you can, regularly.

  • PickupBasket Features

    100% privacy protection

    We keep your details safe and secure to protect your privacy.

our clients

Since the day we started our services, we have been serving a diverse range of clients, including individuals, startups and companies of all sizes. Meet some of our clients who trusted and chosen us to get things delivered from one place to another the same day.

  • CWLogix - PickupBasket Client
  • Digitek - PickupBasket Client
  • Envie - PickupBasket Client
  • iMS - PickupBasket Client
  • Sakhi Sang - PickupBasket Client
  • Shopovilla - PickupBasket Client
  • Banwari - PickupBasket Client
  • BC - PickupBasket Client
  • PickupBasket Client
  • Samde - PickupBasket Client
  • Wobbly Walk - PickupBasket Client
  • CCT Chilly- PickupBasket Client
  • Ankur Exports - PickupBasket Client
  • Intello Tech - PickupBasket Client
  • Shapes - PickupBasket Client
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